Showing a Home When You Own Pets

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Real Estate

We all love our own pets!


Here are some tips on showing your home when you own pets:

Pets can be very distracting for buyers whether barking, following around, jumping on you.

Pets can be unpredictable so it is also a safety issue if they are home.

If you have a dog or dogs, ideally they should not be on the premises for any showings.

If a dog has to be home, it should be crated so buyers can really concentrate on looking at the house.

Pick up all food and water dishes and chew toys prior to showing.

Pick up dog poop in the yard, repair any holes in yard from pets digging.

If you have a cat or cats and they are indoor cats, leave a note on the door to not let the cats outside and to leave a door open to where the litter box is.

Clean litter boxes before a showing and make sure they not in main living areas of the home.

If you have small pets such as guinea pigs make sure cages are clean and fish tanks are clean.

If there are strong pet odors, clean the home and air out. Scented candles tend to make the problem more obvious.